This is Voicefield

Voicefield is an exciting new way for you to express yourself -- and hear what others are saying -- through the most personal form of communication: the human voice.

Using your cell phone, a land line, or a payphone, you can share your experiences and thoughts with your friends and the world. On our web site, you can listen to messages and interact with other users.

Leave a Message

Dial from any phone. It's really that easy. Our friendly voice prompts will help you record your message. We'll even ask you a question if you need a little inspiration.

Listen In

On our phone system you can also hear messages left by others. But by far the best way to listen is on our web site, There, you can:

Interact and Share

The creators of Voicefield are pretty smart. But we need you to tell us what you like. Create your own free Voicefield account to start tagging and rating messages. You can also:

Join the Community

Our users are people too! Creating a profile is easy and free. Choose a username and password, register your phones, and add other optional info about yourself, even an image.

Unless you choose to make your message anonymous, calls from your registered phone(s) will be recognized and added to your account automatically. Your Voicefield profile will become your own audio log.

What Are You Waiting For?

At Voicefield, you can be anything you want -- silly, sentimental, sincere. You can sing, scream, or sigh. We find it's best just to be yourself.

Get started. Create your profile now!